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    SleepBear™ - Baby Sleeping Blanket

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    Keep Your Baby Warm And Secure!

    Do you want to prevent your little one from catching a cold this fall and winter? SleepBear™ can keep them cozy and warm


    Soft, Lightweight & Breathable

    Aside from being adorable, SleepBear™ is lightweight and breathable as well. They come in baby-safe and natural cotton, so they will keep your newborn comfortably wrapped while he sleeps. 


    Perfect For Newborn Babies

    The Ultra-Soft sleeping blanket wraps your baby up to sleep. Our sleepBear™ sleeping blankets are cozy cuddle companions for little ones, wrapped around them like teddy bears and soft as a mother's touch. Babies love being swaddled because it mimics the snug embrace of their mother's womb! 


    High-Quality Material

    Featuring 100% natural acrylic cashmere wool and cotton lining that provides softness and comfort for the baby's sensitive skin, and no harsh dyes or chemicals that might cause irritation.

    Innovative Design

    With the adjustable Velcro closure, the blanket can be tightened or loosened to cater to the baby's comfort. With a double flap design, this diaper cover wraps the infant's arms in an accessible position while allowing easy diaper changes. Additionally, the separate leg pockets allow gentle movements and kicks while supporting the baby's position during sleep.


    Easy To Use Anywhere

    On the road or at home, the SleepBear™ sleeping blanket is easy to use and simply folds and wraps up your baby like a hug. Its size is ideal for babies between the ages of 0 - 12 months. 


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