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    ComBath™ - Non-Slip Baby Bathtub Pillow

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    Protect Your Newborn Baby While Taking Bath!

    Your bathtub is too big for your newborn baby and you always have to hold them while giving them a bath? Baby ComBath™ is a non-slip seat that you can place on your bathtub. Now you can let your baby comfortably lying in the bathtub. 

    Non-Slip Soft Design

    Baby ComBath™ has no angular, non-slip, soft design imitating the mother's warm uterus which makes the newborn baby feels comfortable and safe lying on it. 

    Safe To Use Material

    Baby ComBath™ is made of skin-friendly fabricleak-proof interlayer, and 3D mesh cloth! Super safe for your newborn baby and protect the spine!


    Material: Cloth
    Size: White - 48*35cm; Blue/Pink - 45*30cm
    Filler: Styrofoam EPS Particles 






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